About Me

"Live to eat"

This may be 3 simple words but it is my philosophy. Eating is my passion, every meal to me is not just for the body but also to feed your soul.

When you have a meal it must not only fill you, but also satisfy you knowing that you have not wasted any calories into the meal..

Due to the nature of my work i travel to many parts of Singapore and discovered the best food may not be in a posh restaurant or cost a bomb. The only difference between a high end restaurant and a hawker center is simply  " Marketing"

One man's meat is another man's poison, there will always be different preference in yours and mine food. This blog review is based solely on my personal review of the food indulged.
I can be contacted at jlyb86@gmail.com should you have any suggestions, comment or just to share a similiar dining experience.

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