Thursday, February 10, 2011

Late Night Supper @ Xin Wang Hong Kong Café (Yishun Northpoint)

With the emergence of late night cafes like xin wang, having a late night chill out spot with good food and air con didnt have to be at Macdonald.

Having had a late night movie watching the CNY jack neo film "Home coming" it was nice to see Xin wang opening so late.

Usually i am not really a fan of xin wang but had a sudden urge to have it for supper, could also be due to the fact that i did not want to eat at a coffeeshop considering that it was quite a warm CNY night.

Even before reading the menu i had already more or less know what was i going to get. Considering that it was kind off late all i wanted was some comfort food, some small bites to end this wonderful night on a FULL

Iced milk tea

What could be a better time for this cold "Iced Milk Tea". The best thing about having such basic drink in a restaurant is that you can be assured of the standard, unlike those coffeeshop version where they would sometime either be too sweet or the tea too thick hence making the drink weird. Ice milk tea is one of those drinks where it is so simple yet so hard to get a good and consistent version. The next better milk tea would have to KOI cafe, but thats another issue.

Po Luo Bun

I was actually quite tempted to have some pork cutlet burger but the menu of this Po Luo bun made me change my mind. It was huge with a thick slice of butter in between the buns, when it was delivered the buns were still hot and fresh i must say. Even the top coat of sweet pineapple cust wasnt hard yet at that time.
Taste wise was filling, the bun tasted somewhat sweet and it was very chewy too. 

prawn paste chicken

The Must order in Xin Wang for me, this prawn paste chicken is very similar to those thai pandan chicken where there isnt any skin and the chicken part are all thigh meat. The juiciest and most succulent part of a chicken. Lightly coat and perfectly fried, with every cut oozing out fresh chicken oil.
Not really good any calories watcher, but taste wise is definitely better than normal cze char prawn paste chicken wing since it is boneless and makes eating this much more convenient

Luncheon meat egg sandwich
This wasnt a dish that i ordered actually but my partner couldnt finish hers so i took half of it. 
Usually having luncheon meat with cucumber in it would have tasted weird but since it was a sandwich somehow the taste merged perfectly.

Luncheon meat wise was a little thin ( Considering that i had just devoured some really fat chunks of meat in the prawn paste chicken)

Bread was exceptionally soft, but it definately looked like those white bread where you buy from some confectionery shop. Overall taste wise was ok, i was just stuffing my face as the previous 2 dishes had filled me up.

Xin Wang to me is always a nice spot where i can chill with friends having their towering mango dessert and now some late night snack :)

Northpoint Shopping Center
930 Yishun Avenue 2
Singapore 769098
Tel : +65-6752 3280

Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday - 11am to 2am
Friday, Eve of PH - 11am to 3am
Saturday - 10am to 3am
Sunday & PH - 10am to 2am

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