Thursday, February 10, 2011

Xi Shi Rou Gan / Cecilia Minced Pork?? 西施

Well if the 中国古代四大美女之首西施 (4 Beauties of ancient china ) had an english name i would bet she wouldnt be mind calling cecilia. 

But to name it after a Bak Gua product i dont think she would be too happy.. 

Well well anyway was visiting during CNY and stumbled across this never seen before by me bak gua. Wrap nicely in a presentable packaging, vacuumed and ready for consumption.

How to resist blogging about this new find? irregardless of the taste.

Convenient packaging

vacuumed and easily marked

Packaging is very important, but it would count for nothing if the taste is not up to standard, one stand out point from this bak gua is the thinness. I believe this is by far the thinnest bak gua i have eaten, not only is it light but yet also soft. I couldnt get it up straight for a decent shot of the whole slice as you can see from above.

Taste wise it was light and chewy, there was a pleasant after taste as well. Meat somehow felt sticky though , not really sure why.

Flavoring was decent to me, light and soft. But nothing really stood out.

The packing has a zip lock which makes it very convenient for storage.

Close up shot of the meat, the fats look more obvious due to the bak gua being thinly sliced though. Not sure whether is it a good thing. Another point to note was that i had just opened it up and ate it straight away, i was certain that it would taste much better had it been the fresh version unlike this vacuumed package.

Overall it was still a delight to have other flavours of bak gua in this market where there are only this many, packaging is really a thumbs up, taste wise also refreshing as you dont get to eat this brand in the market usually.

Do give it a try if you happen to be around the area as woodlands terrace is known for many factory outlet items :D

Cecilia Minced & Dried Pork Food Trading

Blk 15, Woodlands Loop, #02-37, Singapore 73832
Tel:6756 6696
Fax:6752 1502

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