Tuesday, March 29, 2011

JB: Taman Sentosa Chui xiang yen Seafood BBQ

I cant remember where did i say it with regards to all JB cze char is nice, irregardless of the location.

Sad to say today i found one that is of below average taste :(

Its just hot, spicy and painful.

One of the normal days where heading in for supper and petrol, we actually always ate a particular stall where just beside the BBQ stall they sell "orh luak" oyster.

But today thought of giving another stall a chance, bad move.

Prices in taman sentosa is quite standard other 4rm per 100g for stingray, we were heading for lok lok after this so didnt want to over order.

Decent looking menu fairly priced.

Different array of BBQ seafood, we order a stingray and sotong.

 Ironilly the saving grace of the meal, i actually had cold sweat from the chilli. Urgh~

First up the sotong, i can only say one word. HOT. the chilli is really not for the faint hearted, it was way too spicy we all had to order additional  sugar cane. No problem with the freshness of the sotong but the chilli was overwhelming. We had previously tasted another stall and it was much better

Did i mention that the rice was cold? :(

Thick coat of chilli paste, way too hot for average diner. Perhaps due to disproportional mixed of ingredient . My taste bud was literally numbed.

Only saving grace was that we ordered a additional sambal kangkong which tasted good, not too sure about the cze char but the BBQ is really not our cup of tea.

I am really tempted to try the cze char cooked food to see the standard before really passing my final verdict on this place.

But once beaten twice shy, im definitely staying away from the BBQ here

Monday, March 28, 2011

Gelang Pateh Meal With A View: Yeos Restaurant

Today we bring you to truly asia for a seaside lunch (Subject to finding it) i had read about it in the web about this place own by a chinese muslim called yeos restaurant.

Saw from posts that many people couldnt find it but from pictures taken by other patron i felt that it was a worthwhile try.

I will leave directions there @ the end of the post, but we took a huge detour as came from causeway. It would be much nearer if you went via tuas. By the time we reached we had clocked 60KM!!! from woodlands to here, but a long journey on a off beaten track is always interesting subject to hunger intensity.

When i was in doubt i keep saying to use the GPS as i had brought coords with me, but my partner in makan was insistant of finding it by ourselves saying that the adventure was in finding without much assistance anyway   credit to her that we managed to find it (another 30mins and she would have relented in using the GPS :)

You could imagine my delight at finding as it was getting late, and i really didint want to have a late lunch. The first thing i saw was the toilet! It is just located outside of the place by the side where all the cars park. 

Personal 'car park' step out of the car for some fresh sea breeze, calm and cool air. You got to walk a 30m? length bridge, better than a red carpet entrance @ a upscale restaurant if you ask me

Now now guess what is that! My first time seeing jelly fish, i thought they were poisonous though, but in fact only a small minority of them are. Most are just harmless, talk about getting close to nature. What a pleasant surprise

Sometimes its really intriguing that people pay huge prices for seaview condos when most rural villages wake up to it every morning. Yeah the comparison is kind of off, but you get the point of it.

There was only about 5 tables occupied on a monday afternoon.

OK main point! The food, everything we had done would count for nothing if the food isn't worthy of the trip here.

First up baby kailan, my must call vegetable. Crunchy and garlicky, the sauce base is quite thick. Very flavourful but not too oily for the health conscious 

I read online that the mee goreng was good, if not most of the time we would have gotten the hor fun instead. This dish is sum  into one word. overwhelming! in term of oil!, seriously the remaining oil could easily be used to fry another plate. It kind of freaked me out, i actually had to tilt it up so that all the excess chili oil would flow to the other end. I decided not to take any picture of it as it would 'spoil' the 'good' look of it now.

Just remember to remind them LESS OIL LESS OIL!

Aha, what is a seafood lunch without any seafood? We only had 2 pax today so really couldn't go all the way with the menu. Note: they do not have salted egg.

So we ended up with butter prawns. Oh man, the freshness is heavenly. I don't know how the chef score with this dish of the outer coat being so crispy and yet the flesh of the prawns is comparable to those freshly steamed prawns.

This dish was also fried with bitter gourd that wasn't bitter, thankfully. But i personally find the butter taste to be of lower grade as there was a very strong buttery smell. 

Now now guess what is that? 

Crab Roe 

Whoa, isn't that messy. As this is a Muslim restaurant, you can expect the flavoring to be on the heavy side as Malays prefer their food thick and strong. Note: Think mee robus, mee siam, mee soto.

There must be a fetish with salted egg that i have, i just find that if all seafood was done salted egg style it would taste very nice. Chilli sauce was OK but no buns :*( but freshness is so far second too none.

The chef timing for all this seafood is really good i must say, with such precise skill you can safely order it steamed and i bet the meat would stick to the shell.

Their pond of crabs, slightly smaller to my liking though. But price is affordable, we spend like 60rm here.

Restoran Makanan Laut Yeo Sekeluarga
Persisiran Pantai, Tanjung Adang 81550 Gelang Patah , Johor Bahru
Johor , Malaysia
+607 507 1897

N 01 20.915
E103 34.211

A close up shot of the jelly fish on the way out. Heading to Jusco Bukit Indah for the Waffle i missed the other time!

Catch it here 

------->        Best of A&W

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dine at your favourite restaurant at The Heeren at a discount! Use your 30%-off voucher at any outlets like T.G.I.Friday, Pasta de Waraku, Jack's Place and more.

Dine at your favourite restaurant at The Heeren at a discount! Use your 30%-off voucher at any outlets like T.G.I.Friday, Pasta de Waraku, Jack's Place and more.

Pizza Hut 30% More Cheese Vs Domino's Extra Cheese

Not sure if you are old enough but pizza hut used to have a buffet with free flow pizzas coupled with spaghetti, garlic bread, fruits and salad. Today the Pizza hut restaurant has transformed into a decent bistro eatery.

Anyway when i was a young kid i used to enjoy domino's more due to their thin crust with the 'half half' selection where you could have different flavours on each sides. They were than cut squarely and pizza when young too me was more square rather than triangle

As i grew older (and hungrier) pizza hut oily crust started to grow onto me and i really hated dry crust, somehow it reminds me of those frozen pizzas where the crust becomes really dry and crispy when you toast it.

As all big chain there is bound to be service lapse from time to time, from quality issue to food never arriving (Yes there were some issue previously from KFC and Mcdonald in the early days)

So anyway recently the of "supporting us for 30 years now we give you 30% more cheese" promotion somehow it became a incentive to order again!

The trademark Hawaiian pizza, cant go wrong with it and a pizza meal without it wouldnt feel like one. The additional cheese

The trademark fluffy thick crust, taste as good as good as the stuffed crust. Overloading of cheese!!

By the way just so that you know, the white triangle thing is put in the middle so it will not get crush in case of heavier stuff put on top. I kind of didnt know what it was till late teens honestly

Meat Galore, a mix of pepperoni + salami + beef balls. This is the stuff your doctor warn you about, but how do you resist the it? Full of melted white cheese, yummy! Makes me wanna pick up the phone and order 2 of this cardiac arrest inducing food. Just find that the presentation could have be done a little better.

The real pain of doing a food blog is that i cant sink my teeth straight into the food upon arrival, i alway have to arrange and take some nice shots. Can you imagine the pain ?

Who doesnt like pizza hut hot and spicy drumlets?! They make one of the best wings i have tasted, as flavourful as it is, they truly make a great side dish. Never seem to have enough of this lovely wings, not too sure why they dont make the mid joints as well. Would taste equally great i guess

The No 1 pizza delivery experts : Dominos

Before we get to taste wise, one of the main reason other than pizza hut being the pioneer in the pizza industry, is the marketing of the brand. You will notice that pizza hut delivers everywhere and their restaurant chain is almost everywhere. But dominos do not really have a proper restaurant and their food is strictly takeaway with limited delivery area. 

We had a 2 large pizza with extra cheese, on a side note this pizza was kind of scantily dressed with cheese. Not very consistent as the other pizza was actually made close to perfect, i actually wrote in to feedback as we had actually got Hawaiian and pepperoni but they gave us both pepperoni. So far have not heard anything back from them with regards to this matter. not very useful with a feedback if they are not going to use it.

Generous with the ingredients, Dominos ingredient has the edge as they seem fresher and more tasty. 

To be fair they do make a perfect pizza on their day, look at the evenly spread of cheese. Man i could swim in there. Noticed that pizza hut toppings were a little burnt, but these arent ?

Perfect on the left, inconsistency on the right.

Other than the little blip we have with the pizza, personally it is too difficult to seperate the 2 pizza chain.

I really love the trademark crust of pizza hut but the tastier topping Dominos provide makes it irresistible and missed from time to time.

As such guess i will be ordering Dominos when i am near one of their outlets and if i am not, i will just get the all-area pizza hut. 

Best would be a family function so that i may have the cake and eat it :) 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hidden Chicken Rice @ Selegie Road: Thye San Chicken

Was just having a discussion thread in The makan zone @ Hardwarezone the other day with people on 'best/good' chicken rice.

A true chicken rice foodie would never use the a roasted chicken rice as benchmark since the taste from white and roast is like comparing orange and apple when they are both fruits.

I mentioned in the thread on this particular place under selegie road blk 9 and got a PM from a member wanting to read the review for it so ask and you shall receive! Here you go.
I had lunch here a couple of time when am in the area for work, the first time i noticed this place when i ta bao a pack of chicken rice for family and they mentioned that the chicken was very good.

Hence the next time i had to try it for myself, this is a family run restaurant. Just a look at the wong fei hong style sign board and you will realise that this is definately a restaurant with history.
 The lady boss is the one chopping and preparing the chicken rice They usually close around 7pm (chicken rice usually sells out around late noon) 

 Wanted to try the vegetable but they ran out of it :( i am a sucker for vegetable especially chicken rice style 'You cai'

There was a struggle between the rice and chicken curry, the familiar fragrant of curry lingering around the store really gave me a dilemma but since i am not going to be frequently here i better sort the chicken rice review while i can

They sell a mix of food here, just next door is a cze char outlet with a $9.80 per pax (min 4) value combo. The selection seems nice but wont go into details since i have not tried. And just next to the chicken rice stand is a seemingly good kway tiao noodles stall with all the newspaper cuttings.

Here it is the dish of the afternoon, they came with a lightly season chicken rice soup which was clear and cooling enough since chicken rice are usually very hearty. A problem usually associated with chicken rice is that the rice is very oily! A sticky chicken rice is a good indication that the rice is too oil for its own good, since it is cooked from the remaining water that was use to boiled the chicken

I have had my fair share of chicken so far but this place rank 1st in term of softness.

I have never had such soft and tender chicken breast, the last one which was even close was botak jones cajun chicken with whole chicken breast. It was very tender by itself that it could even pass off as fish, most stalls like to smash the chicken slices to make it look like a generous serving.  By not doing so here, i could savour each slices of chopped chicken breast perfectly.

Rice seems longer compared to other stalls, the taste wise was light yet fragrant enough.  Chicken rice are supposed to be balance out in the sense where chicken flavour accounts 60% and rice 40%. Nasi lemak is the opposite where the rice should be 60% while the remaining ingredient takes up 40% of taste, since the side dishes could go with normal rice, noodles as well.

All in all chicken taste wise this stall seems to win hands down.

Selegie Road Blk 9 (Just next to lasalle college of the arts)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Evergreen: Aston's Express Char Grilled Chicken

This may come as an old entry considering that Astons has already entered and dominated the western food market in recent years with its trademark value steaks that could easily give jacks place a run for its $$.

Theres a particular thing about western food that seemingly makes it easier to maintain the standard, cant say the same about chinese crusine as we are all familiar how some top hotels/restaurant chef are the pillar of the whole kitchen operation. Lose them and likely the taste will not be the same. How many times have we went to patron the same nice store and find that the standard has dropped.

One can guess that it is easier to flip chicken and beef steaks marinated before hand at a constant heat every 2 mins.

Rather than frying, controlling the heat, adding all the many complicated sauces without measurement and basing the taste and time on your experience. 

In short lets put it this way, we dont really care who cooked the steak as long as the steak taste good!

I was first brought to this place by my gf at the cathay orchard, 3-4 years back i never had a habit or queuing for food and it was one of those time when at 6pm there was already a snaking queue. Fairly rare does the queue start to form so early. 

But my opinion has changed since the life changing queue i had at mellben crab.

Anyway things are different now, queue doesnt mean good food. Or it could also be that singapore didn't had 5million ++ population yet back at that time. 

I have had my fair share of Aston all over the place, from the now defunct serangoon garden branch + woodland point branch (was there even one?? it opened and close so quickly most woodlanders didnt even know that there was one outlet there)

To amk, sembawang shopping center and the cathay branch.

One thing i can confidently conclude from all this different location is that the great same taste is there. The chicken is the same size, potatoes are as filling, sauce are as generous.
Say hi to the 3 brothers

It is the kind of confidence that consumers need knowing that when they order a double up chicken the standard will be upheld and that every meal ordered isnt like a russian roulette. Hoping and praying that the chef will cook it like he mean it.

Thank God for skinless chicken, wholly chargrilled chicken with the aroma and taste of  bbq chicken. Exactly like how the korean BBQ Chicken put it. Its not bbq chicken, its Bar-be-que chicken.

I would never mention this chargrilled chicken as chicken chop just so that it is currently in a league of its own that by calling it chicken chop would be a seer insult to this close to perfection piece of meat.

How on earth does they make such nice potatoes salad but yet not as famed as their chicken and beef companion is anyone guess. It has become such a frequent trip that i dont bother looking at the menu no more, it would just be a chargrilled chicken, potatoes salad and onion  ring.

If you really have to pick a side to forgo it would be this, not that it is bad but just that i cannot imagine a Aston Char Grilled chicken without the chicken or potatoes. The onion ring has become a victim of its excellent plate companion. Onion ring as compared to other restaurant such as Super dog @ Somerset 313

Trademark recipe mushroom sauce. It tasted like a brown cream of mush room sauce pleasant and not overwhelming enough mask the taste of the chicken. Only thing that puzzle me is that how does brown sauce come about? what makes it brown, do let me know if ya know the answer. And also why doesnt aston has a proper website, but guess he wouldn't be short of customer either way.

89 Short Street, Golden Wall Centre #01-01 Stall 12 
(KOPITIAM Foodcourt) 
Tel : 6338 2511 

Chong Pang: Zhen Jie Desserts (Stay Cool In The Heartlands)

If orchard is the heart of singapore, than Chong pang would be the heart of Yishun.

Having Studied, lived and played in yishun half my life it would also be safe to conclude that chong pang is the has the heartbeat of yishun. Others may argue but all one has to do is think with his stomach to know that you will be spoilt for choices at chong pang. It is not hard to have more than 3 coffeeshops in a single location, the hard part is good food. 

Hand any tom, dick and harry a wok and he can cook something. Only freaking problem is whether it is tasty.

Anyway i am drifting too far away as this next entry on the table (literally) is not the main dish of the day, rather a side dish for any meal.


Happened to pass by the area for some AMD aka after meal dessert, was actually there for some cooling glass jelly considering that the weather recently is kinda on the hot side. 

To be honest i really didnt notice this store at first, was my brother who suggested it. No harm though seeing that i am such a sucker for anything mango related.

I will never order any chng teng, dou suan, green bean, red bean soup outside as have had my life time share back in my army days

$2.50 mango dessert

Heartland prices are good, any dessert store in central area would easily be double of this. Of course portion isnt  as generous but hey pay for what you get right?

You know how you always have fruit syrup over the ice and somehow the ice is just too much that the syrup cant fully sweeten the whole bowl? Well this is a place where you will not have such issue as the ice that they served are mango ice block! Hence you can taste the frangance of it with every bite, though it was (iced)

Overall was a good combination with the QQ balls in it, only peeve was that the mango was inconsistent. One would be soft and sweet the other would be sour and hard. 

Same goes for my brother mango pomelo $2.50 serving, but his issue was rather with the pomelo as it was kinda sour..~~

Perhaps i should try their green bean soup with sagos?

105 Yishun Ring Road
#01-157 Chong Pang Food Centre S760105
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