Monday, February 21, 2011

A&W~~~ The Good Old Times

Today i present to you a fast food familiar with the slightly older people :( 

The first A&W store opened at Dunearn Road in Singapore in 1966 as the first fast food restaurant from the U.S.A. in that country. The chain expanded in the later years, including one at Singapore Zoo which closed in 1999. The chain's Singapore operations dwindled by the beginning of the 21st century, and by 2002 it had only 7 outlets around the island. A&W finally closed in 2005 with the last outlet in Vista point woodlands. They were the pioneer in curly fries and, root beer with ice cream and really good waffles. 

The waffles are the kind that wont turn soft and mushy even when the ice cream melt, that is how good it is. Sad to say the burgers wants really a standout and eventually with the high cost of sustaining a fast food restaurant the chain started closing one by one.

A&W was the first place that made me fell in love with ice cream waffles, and no gelato store can bring back the same taste of it when i first tasted it.

It has become a "must eat" for anyone traveling oversea, making your own root beer + vanilla ice cream at home just dont cut it. You must have their authentic version.

It was a slow tuesday afternoon in Jusco though 

The trademark drink of A&W

It was a pity i had a really filling lunch and all my stomach space could muster was a waffle ice cream cup :(

I will be back with a empty stomach again and bring back the good old memories that it had once given me


The taste, is nothing found in Singapore! No Gelare can compare when put beside a actual A&W waffle.
This is really my comfort food, taste exactly the same when i had it ages ago, or even in batam.
Consistent taste

There are many different taste of eating a waffle, i personally like to spread them evenly around the whole waffle before cutting up cube by cube to eat. Mmmmmmm~~

Only question is, why do i have to cross a custom to have these?!

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