Monday, February 7, 2011

The Eat and Run Store: Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园

Dessert store are an interesting one, they are always packed. They are one of the nicest place to chill but yet we are always doing a hit and run at dessert stores.

Seats are mostly uncomfortable for the purpose to make you not willing to seat any longer than you should, but the attraction of the dessert always make you come back for more.

When i tasted HongKong Honeymoon dessert store in somerset 313 i thought i had tasted the best Mango & Pomelo Sago dessert yet.

But a lucky visit to Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园 @ Ion made me think twice

To a certain extent desserts are actually seasonal food as well due to the fact that certain fruits taste esepcially good during certain season, i had the displeasure to taste some sourish mango desserts at times which really ruin it as with to adding sweet syrup to such a natural dessert.

Whenever i go to any dessert shop, a big menu would not matter because irregardless of the size of it my choice is utilmately always either mango pomelo sago, mango pudding or shave mango ice. mango pomelo sago, mango pudding mango pomelo sago, mango pudding mango pomelo sago, mango pudding mango pomelo sago. MANGO MADNESS!

Legendary Mango pomelo $4

Holy cow, look at the size of that chunk of mango. This is a heavenly delight in its own, i gotta add this to be the dessert to eat in the last meal. One key to knowing whether they added sweet syrup is to taste the mango directly, no amount of sugar coating can hide a sour mango inner flesh. If the basic mango cubes are good you can almost be certain that the mango puree that you are tasting are of the same batch :D soft and firm mango + chewy sagos enhance the taste together. With the pomelo bites adding a little more flavour to the already heavenly bites~~~

Shaved ice mango $4

This was my partner's choice, thankfully i didnt get this. Looking at the syrup you would have guessed that the shaved ice would not have a primary taste of its own. There was just a hint of mango sense in the ice but none of the flavour of it, only consolation was the thick coat of mango syrup which didnt stand a chance against a natural mango puree. Sad to say Overall taste wouldnt be a difference from a food court version of shaved ice mango

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园

Address: 2 Orchard Turn #B4-34 ION Orchard Singapore
Tel: +65 6509 3301

Opening Hours
Daily: 10.30am – 10pm
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