Monday, January 31, 2011

Yishun 848 Mei Ji Pai Dang 煮炒来咯

 Yishun 848 Mei Ji Pai Dang 煮炒来咯

A unexpected treat from my mother in law before we head down to yishun ntuc to grab some chinese new year stuff. We wanted to have dinner together and decided on this stall, saw a couple of poster on their recommendation but wasnt too keen in that. Instead we went for some usual ala carte dishes

First up was this beancurd in hot plate, the beancurd was actually crispy. Too crispy infact Seems like the chef over fried the beancurd. Though the gravvy was decent i felt that the beancurd taste just wasnt there, it was just too bland inside.

Star dish of the night if not for the fact that salted egg + prawns combo is just too hard to defeat. Ginger taste was fragrant, strong but not too overwhelming. Fish was smooth and tender, though my dinner companion had a small fish bone in one of the fish, cant really complain though its fish ultimately. 

Yam ring! My mother love this, i dont know why. Deep fried yam always feel very heaty to me, and this dish just isnt too my liking.

Star side dish of the night, a staple food as a side dish. Just normal sze char fried rice standard

Si ji dou, not exactly how i expected it to be honestly. I think they were using the wrong bean or something. Just didnt taste like the one i was expecting, not to mention the 'hei bi' minced prawn was a tad too salty.

Salted egg and prawn are 2 very normal decent ingredient but you put them together and you have one of the best combination. These are the kind of flavouring that i have to eat the whole prawn head altogether so there is no waste of the essence. Would prefer more salted egg though, the sauce was coated very evenly and shell may be cripsy but prawn itself was still firm and juicy. Not dry and struck to the shells.

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