Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Evergreen: Aston's Express Char Grilled Chicken

This may come as an old entry considering that Astons has already entered and dominated the western food market in recent years with its trademark value steaks that could easily give jacks place a run for its $$.

Theres a particular thing about western food that seemingly makes it easier to maintain the standard, cant say the same about chinese crusine as we are all familiar how some top hotels/restaurant chef are the pillar of the whole kitchen operation. Lose them and likely the taste will not be the same. How many times have we went to patron the same nice store and find that the standard has dropped.

One can guess that it is easier to flip chicken and beef steaks marinated before hand at a constant heat every 2 mins.

Rather than frying, controlling the heat, adding all the many complicated sauces without measurement and basing the taste and time on your experience. 

In short lets put it this way, we dont really care who cooked the steak as long as the steak taste good!

I was first brought to this place by my gf at the cathay orchard, 3-4 years back i never had a habit or queuing for food and it was one of those time when at 6pm there was already a snaking queue. Fairly rare does the queue start to form so early. 

But my opinion has changed since the life changing queue i had at mellben crab.

Anyway things are different now, queue doesnt mean good food. Or it could also be that singapore didn't had 5million ++ population yet back at that time. 

I have had my fair share of Aston all over the place, from the now defunct serangoon garden branch + woodland point branch (was there even one?? it opened and close so quickly most woodlanders didnt even know that there was one outlet there)

To amk, sembawang shopping center and the cathay branch.

One thing i can confidently conclude from all this different location is that the great same taste is there. The chicken is the same size, potatoes are as filling, sauce are as generous.
Say hi to the 3 brothers

It is the kind of confidence that consumers need knowing that when they order a double up chicken the standard will be upheld and that every meal ordered isnt like a russian roulette. Hoping and praying that the chef will cook it like he mean it.

Thank God for skinless chicken, wholly chargrilled chicken with the aroma and taste of  bbq chicken. Exactly like how the korean BBQ Chicken put it. Its not bbq chicken, its Bar-be-que chicken.

I would never mention this chargrilled chicken as chicken chop just so that it is currently in a league of its own that by calling it chicken chop would be a seer insult to this close to perfection piece of meat.

How on earth does they make such nice potatoes salad but yet not as famed as their chicken and beef companion is anyone guess. It has become such a frequent trip that i dont bother looking at the menu no more, it would just be a chargrilled chicken, potatoes salad and onion  ring.

If you really have to pick a side to forgo it would be this, not that it is bad but just that i cannot imagine a Aston Char Grilled chicken without the chicken or potatoes. The onion ring has become a victim of its excellent plate companion. Onion ring as compared to other restaurant such as Super dog @ Somerset 313

Trademark recipe mushroom sauce. It tasted like a brown cream of mush room sauce pleasant and not overwhelming enough mask the taste of the chicken. Only thing that puzzle me is that how does brown sauce come about? what makes it brown, do let me know if ya know the answer. And also why doesnt aston has a proper website, but guess he wouldn't be short of customer either way.

89 Short Street, Golden Wall Centre #01-01 Stall 12 
(KOPITIAM Foodcourt) 
Tel : 6338 2511 

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