Monday, March 21, 2011

Pizza Hut 30% More Cheese Vs Domino's Extra Cheese

Not sure if you are old enough but pizza hut used to have a buffet with free flow pizzas coupled with spaghetti, garlic bread, fruits and salad. Today the Pizza hut restaurant has transformed into a decent bistro eatery.

Anyway when i was a young kid i used to enjoy domino's more due to their thin crust with the 'half half' selection where you could have different flavours on each sides. They were than cut squarely and pizza when young too me was more square rather than triangle

As i grew older (and hungrier) pizza hut oily crust started to grow onto me and i really hated dry crust, somehow it reminds me of those frozen pizzas where the crust becomes really dry and crispy when you toast it.

As all big chain there is bound to be service lapse from time to time, from quality issue to food never arriving (Yes there were some issue previously from KFC and Mcdonald in the early days)

So anyway recently the of "supporting us for 30 years now we give you 30% more cheese" promotion somehow it became a incentive to order again!

The trademark Hawaiian pizza, cant go wrong with it and a pizza meal without it wouldnt feel like one. The additional cheese

The trademark fluffy thick crust, taste as good as good as the stuffed crust. Overloading of cheese!!

By the way just so that you know, the white triangle thing is put in the middle so it will not get crush in case of heavier stuff put on top. I kind of didnt know what it was till late teens honestly

Meat Galore, a mix of pepperoni + salami + beef balls. This is the stuff your doctor warn you about, but how do you resist the it? Full of melted white cheese, yummy! Makes me wanna pick up the phone and order 2 of this cardiac arrest inducing food. Just find that the presentation could have be done a little better.

The real pain of doing a food blog is that i cant sink my teeth straight into the food upon arrival, i alway have to arrange and take some nice shots. Can you imagine the pain ?

Who doesnt like pizza hut hot and spicy drumlets?! They make one of the best wings i have tasted, as flavourful as it is, they truly make a great side dish. Never seem to have enough of this lovely wings, not too sure why they dont make the mid joints as well. Would taste equally great i guess

The No 1 pizza delivery experts : Dominos

Before we get to taste wise, one of the main reason other than pizza hut being the pioneer in the pizza industry, is the marketing of the brand. You will notice that pizza hut delivers everywhere and their restaurant chain is almost everywhere. But dominos do not really have a proper restaurant and their food is strictly takeaway with limited delivery area. 

We had a 2 large pizza with extra cheese, on a side note this pizza was kind of scantily dressed with cheese. Not very consistent as the other pizza was actually made close to perfect, i actually wrote in to feedback as we had actually got Hawaiian and pepperoni but they gave us both pepperoni. So far have not heard anything back from them with regards to this matter. not very useful with a feedback if they are not going to use it.

Generous with the ingredients, Dominos ingredient has the edge as they seem fresher and more tasty. 

To be fair they do make a perfect pizza on their day, look at the evenly spread of cheese. Man i could swim in there. Noticed that pizza hut toppings were a little burnt, but these arent ?

Perfect on the left, inconsistency on the right.

Other than the little blip we have with the pizza, personally it is too difficult to seperate the 2 pizza chain.

I really love the trademark crust of pizza hut but the tastier topping Dominos provide makes it irresistible and missed from time to time.

As such guess i will be ordering Dominos when i am near one of their outlets and if i am not, i will just get the all-area pizza hut. 

Best would be a family function so that i may have the cake and eat it :) 

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