Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hidden Chicken Rice @ Selegie Road: Thye San Chicken

Was just having a discussion thread in The makan zone @ Hardwarezone the other day with people on 'best/good' chicken rice.

A true chicken rice foodie would never use the a roasted chicken rice as benchmark since the taste from white and roast is like comparing orange and apple when they are both fruits.

I mentioned in the thread on this particular place under selegie road blk 9 and got a PM from a member wanting to read the review for it so ask and you shall receive! Here you go.
I had lunch here a couple of time when am in the area for work, the first time i noticed this place when i ta bao a pack of chicken rice for family and they mentioned that the chicken was very good.

Hence the next time i had to try it for myself, this is a family run restaurant. Just a look at the wong fei hong style sign board and you will realise that this is definately a restaurant with history.
 The lady boss is the one chopping and preparing the chicken rice They usually close around 7pm (chicken rice usually sells out around late noon) 

 Wanted to try the vegetable but they ran out of it :( i am a sucker for vegetable especially chicken rice style 'You cai'

There was a struggle between the rice and chicken curry, the familiar fragrant of curry lingering around the store really gave me a dilemma but since i am not going to be frequently here i better sort the chicken rice review while i can

They sell a mix of food here, just next door is a cze char outlet with a $9.80 per pax (min 4) value combo. The selection seems nice but wont go into details since i have not tried. And just next to the chicken rice stand is a seemingly good kway tiao noodles stall with all the newspaper cuttings.

Here it is the dish of the afternoon, they came with a lightly season chicken rice soup which was clear and cooling enough since chicken rice are usually very hearty. A problem usually associated with chicken rice is that the rice is very oily! A sticky chicken rice is a good indication that the rice is too oil for its own good, since it is cooked from the remaining water that was use to boiled the chicken

I have had my fair share of chicken so far but this place rank 1st in term of softness.

I have never had such soft and tender chicken breast, the last one which was even close was botak jones cajun chicken with whole chicken breast. It was very tender by itself that it could even pass off as fish, most stalls like to smash the chicken slices to make it look like a generous serving.  By not doing so here, i could savour each slices of chopped chicken breast perfectly.

Rice seems longer compared to other stalls, the taste wise was light yet fragrant enough.  Chicken rice are supposed to be balance out in the sense where chicken flavour accounts 60% and rice 40%. Nasi lemak is the opposite where the rice should be 60% while the remaining ingredient takes up 40% of taste, since the side dishes could go with normal rice, noodles as well.

All in all chicken taste wise this stall seems to win hands down.

Selegie Road Blk 9 (Just next to lasalle college of the arts)

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