About YummyBuddies and Things You Should Know About This Blog

Ask any true foodie and they will tell you the best food they had are not necessary costly.

When i went to Jakarta my friend brought me to many places to dine, but the meal which fully captivated me was actually just below my hotel where i had the chance to eat the BEST Indonmie goreng i ever had in my life. Thats right! The same mee goreng we brought from NTUC and Sheng Shiong. The BBQ Ayam penyet was mindblowing as well, i tapao like 2 extra bbq and deep fried chicken back to my hotel for some nice supper. After my supper:)

This site is dedicated to all nice food out there and to get the information across to like minded people, somethings in life are meant to be shared. Since good company can save bad food but no amount of good food can save bad company.

Hence Yummybuddies

P.s Do pardon my wrongly written English at times, as the main idea is to get the true feeling of the meal out rather than thinking about structuring the sentence. Hence typing whatever i was feeling at that time. 
Anyway if you are here for English lessons you may be in the wrong place.
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