Tuesday, March 29, 2011

JB: Taman Sentosa Chui xiang yen Seafood BBQ

I cant remember where did i say it with regards to all JB cze char is nice, irregardless of the location.

Sad to say today i found one that is of below average taste :(

Its just hot, spicy and painful.

One of the normal days where heading in for supper and petrol, we actually always ate a particular stall where just beside the BBQ stall they sell "orh luak" oyster.

But today thought of giving another stall a chance, bad move.

Prices in taman sentosa is quite standard other 4rm per 100g for stingray, we were heading for lok lok after this so didnt want to over order.

Decent looking menu fairly priced.

Different array of BBQ seafood, we order a stingray and sotong.

 Ironilly the saving grace of the meal, i actually had cold sweat from the chilli. Urgh~

First up the sotong, i can only say one word. HOT. the chilli is really not for the faint hearted, it was way too spicy we all had to order additional  sugar cane. No problem with the freshness of the sotong but the chilli was overwhelming. We had previously tasted another stall and it was much better

Did i mention that the rice was cold? :(

Thick coat of chilli paste, way too hot for average diner. Perhaps due to disproportional mixed of ingredient . My taste bud was literally numbed.

Only saving grace was that we ordered a additional sambal kangkong which tasted good, not too sure about the cze char but the BBQ is really not our cup of tea.

I am really tempted to try the cze char cooked food to see the standard before really passing my final verdict on this place.

But once beaten twice shy, im definitely staying away from the BBQ here

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