Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chong Pang: Zhen Jie Desserts (Stay Cool In The Heartlands)

If orchard is the heart of singapore, than Chong pang would be the heart of Yishun.

Having Studied, lived and played in yishun half my life it would also be safe to conclude that chong pang is the has the heartbeat of yishun. Others may argue but all one has to do is think with his stomach to know that you will be spoilt for choices at chong pang. It is not hard to have more than 3 coffeeshops in a single location, the hard part is good food. 

Hand any tom, dick and harry a wok and he can cook something. Only freaking problem is whether it is tasty.

Anyway i am drifting too far away as this next entry on the table (literally) is not the main dish of the day, rather a side dish for any meal.


Happened to pass by the area for some AMD aka after meal dessert, was actually there for some cooling glass jelly considering that the weather recently is kinda on the hot side. 

To be honest i really didnt notice this store at first, was my brother who suggested it. No harm though seeing that i am such a sucker for anything mango related.

I will never order any chng teng, dou suan, green bean, red bean soup outside as have had my life time share back in my army days

$2.50 mango dessert

Heartland prices are good, any dessert store in central area would easily be double of this. Of course portion isnt  as generous but hey pay for what you get right?

You know how you always have fruit syrup over the ice and somehow the ice is just too much that the syrup cant fully sweeten the whole bowl? Well this is a place where you will not have such issue as the ice that they served are mango ice block! Hence you can taste the frangance of it with every bite, though it was (iced)

Overall was a good combination with the QQ balls in it, only peeve was that the mango was inconsistent. One would be soft and sweet the other would be sour and hard. 

Same goes for my brother mango pomelo $2.50 serving, but his issue was rather with the pomelo as it was kinda sour..~~

Perhaps i should try their green bean soup with sagos?

105 Yishun Ring Road
#01-157 Chong Pang Food Centre S760105

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