YummyBuddies Foodeology

"Where We Live To Eat, Feeding Our Mind And Soul"

Mind and soul? What mind and soul? This is the reaction i always get whenever i tell people around me the philosopy of this blog.

Why? Because to be honest anything could make your stomach full, it does not matter if it is a bowl of hot piping mushroom soup or a puddle of mud.

Good food rejuvenate your mind, makes you fresher and happier
Good food makes you satisfied, knowing that you haven wasted the meal

Singapore average Life expectancy is 81, you have 3 meals a day X 365= 88695

Give or take 10years of not being in charge of your food and beverage decision and the figures drop, and damn shit happens, you never know when your last meal is your last. Every meal is like a countdown , taking away another meal out of your life.

Plan like you are living forever, but live like you are dying tomorrow.
Make every meal count

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