Thursday, February 10, 2011

Men-Ichi Japanese Ramen (Northpoint)

I always remembered this ramen shop due to a very interesting dish, the kanitama ramen (Whoa the name sounds foul) The one where the egg covers the whole bowl in a red sauce that taste like chilli crab

Ramen bowls are known to be big, and this ramen topping of egg could actually cover it! Not to mention the omelette's fairly thick as well.

But anyway no having that today, just explaining why i remember this place :)

Look at all those additonal sauces! You have japanese chilli powder, pepper, chill oil, vinegar, wasabi & pickles to get your appetite ready. Only thing missing is the garlic powder which i sorely miss from Aijisen.

Free flow of this stuff, good to know that you dont always have to pay for the small side dish. And definitely better than some $2 plate peanut that some restaurant charge

But today i decide to try something new,

kyofu tonkotsu ramen $14.90

My main dish of the night, a must do before eating any ramen is to mix and eat the seaweed IMMEDIATELY. The first time i added seaweed in and let it soak too long, making tthe supposedly chewy and sweet seaweed to become mushy and somewhat disgusting to eat (picture cereal)

First mouthful of soup is the most important, the first taste as all first impression will let you know immediately if it is good. One mouth and my verdict was that it tasted like a chinese ramen! Wtf?

Most ramen and chinese la mian soup based are actually pork bones broth. And the main ingredient that seperates a japanese ramen and chinese la mian is actually the soya sauce and miso.

This taste has a uncanny resemblance to a chinese soup like noodle. I have to admit i found it ironic, not that the taste was bad. But i am in a japanese ramen shop and would had preferred if the taste didnt taste like chinese soup.

Taste like really thick "bak chor mee" soup. Taste wise was ok but image wise totally wrong.

Soft Shell Crab $5
Holy Crab! We singaporeans love our crabs.

Soft shell, salted egg, black pepper, white pepper, chilli, butter, steam, hot, cold. You name it we eat it.

Just in case you were wondering
Soft-shell crab is a culinary term for crabs which has recently molted their old exoskeleton and are still soft

It is seemingly easy to make yet hard too really get it taste right and consistent, to be able to make the outer crust crispy and yet inner meat soft, juicy and munchy. I really give a thumbs up to Men-ichi for charging decent price with good size crab.

Not mentioning names, the last ramen shop i ordered soft shell crab charged like $6.90 for 2 miserable piece of overfried crab with some fanciful sauce over it.

Dipping not soaking in a warm bowl of miso soup to further enhance the taste since it is only lightly coated with tempura flour.

930 Yishun Avenue 2
#01-22/23 Northpoint
Tel: 6755 5719
Daily: 11.30am -10.00pm
(Last Order: 9.30pm)

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  1. nice blog u got here, very interesting commentary and views ... makes for a fascinating read! keep it up :)

  2. Thank you Ian, nice to have you around. Your video reviews must have taken more time to do up together with a write up i guess.

  3. i used iphone to take all my videos, and edit on them too, so its quite convenient these days to do video, just slightly more than the non video review to do, but i enjoy takin videos :)


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