Monday, February 21, 2011

JB City sqaure: Peri Peri Chicken

I write with regret that the first entry to peri peri chicken was actually first tasted in JB city square mall

I present to you the legendary Portuguese flame-grilled PERi-PERi-chicken

I really wanted to give it a try in Singapore but constant queues like this made me change my mind. Though i strongly believe that good food are worth the wait but a hungry man is a angry man and a angry man usually wont enjoy his peri peri.
Hunger unfriendly queues
One Fine day on a quiet afternoon, before a good massage i stumbled across a half empty Nando @ Citysquare Mall (JB)
God Sent a message

Ambience was good, noticed couple students having their lunch here. Could also be due to the student promotion, anyway the main thing now.

CHICKEN, i settled for the 1/4 chicken top with the non spicy lemon and herb sauce with 2 sides. Heard from reviews that the rice was nice and went with the mediterranean rice and 'old style chips' AKA french fries to

Rice was sticky and soft, nothing like i had tasted before, could be due to the Portuguese nature which by far anything Portuguese to me was just the egg tart.

No comment about the fries they were just standard fries.

CHICKEN TIME: Tender and fresh, taste was refreshing due to the lemon sauce and herb. It was piping hot as well.
But how could you miss out on its famed peri peri sauce?
Just looking @ them i feel hot
I have to confessed that i am not really a chilli person. And this stuff are hot! even the mildest gave a very fiery burn to my lips and tongue. No joke but if the chicken was drenched in this Hell sauce i would just give up and call for the bill.

P.S Do not try to impress your friends by ordering the extra hit peri peri sauce. It is no joke!

Next in line
My companion ordered the Espatódea chicken.

I didnt really touch the sides but there wasnt much impression made  (grilled vegetable and coleslaw)

The chicken was very tasty though, not to mention it was all meat without bones like the other main dishes. Very date friendly without missing out on the taste itself. Decoration was fanciful too.

We actually saw another table having this which really made an impression.


Overall taste wise was good but no where near legendary as marketed. Could also be due to the marketing where it really raised peoples expectation, given the chance i will try it again but this time in Singapore and compare.

J.B City Square Mall
Next to HK Kim gary

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