Wednesday, February 23, 2011

La kopi? How about some beancurd chill out @ Rochor beancurd ?

Where do you hang out with your friends on a quiet weekday night or lazy weekend afternoon, at a heartland area for a light supper snack while chilling?

Today we present to you rochor road beancurd, ironicly it is also best known as the selegie 'tau huay'

Today we visit the branch @ upper thomson, parking is usually a pain here due to not having proper lots and most of the diners actually park at the residential area. Causing many frustration to the residents living there (Sorry) You can even see many resident guarding their lots with flower pots, dustbin and other bulky misc stuff that they can move.

The wall of fame with owner david and many local artiste, i have to admit that it is very impressive and good marketing tool as even before eating your expectation of the place would be increased significantly.

But having eaten the 'selegie tau huay and upper thomson branch somehow i felt that the branch @ selegie tasted nicer.

The perfect light tea meal. Balanced combo for a high tea. The popiah was crunchy and ingredients filling. 

I always prefered eating from a proper bowl rather than the disposable kind. Not sure why maybe because this sort of retro bowls give you a homely feeling.

I also order a Dou Hua Jia Shui. Tao huay with water. Cant stand eating the pure sweet syrup at times, this gives it a good balance.

Is it just me or the You tiao seems a little longer than usual? Popiah was good though, but will skip the you tiao next time.

Not as fluffy as last time. But the best thing about stalls like this is that people just want to find a place to chill and have a drink rather than the standard coffeeshop la kopi or starbucks where if the prices dont annoy you the search for a seat will.

232 Upper Thomson Road
S574363 Tel: 64936905

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