Monday, March 28, 2011

Gelang Pateh Meal With A View: Yeos Restaurant

Today we bring you to truly asia for a seaside lunch (Subject to finding it) i had read about it in the web about this place own by a chinese muslim called yeos restaurant.

Saw from posts that many people couldnt find it but from pictures taken by other patron i felt that it was a worthwhile try.

I will leave directions there @ the end of the post, but we took a huge detour as came from causeway. It would be much nearer if you went via tuas. By the time we reached we had clocked 60KM!!! from woodlands to here, but a long journey on a off beaten track is always interesting subject to hunger intensity.

When i was in doubt i keep saying to use the GPS as i had brought coords with me, but my partner in makan was insistant of finding it by ourselves saying that the adventure was in finding without much assistance anyway   credit to her that we managed to find it (another 30mins and she would have relented in using the GPS :)

You could imagine my delight at finding as it was getting late, and i really didint want to have a late lunch. The first thing i saw was the toilet! It is just located outside of the place by the side where all the cars park. 

Personal 'car park' step out of the car for some fresh sea breeze, calm and cool air. You got to walk a 30m? length bridge, better than a red carpet entrance @ a upscale restaurant if you ask me

Now now guess what is that! My first time seeing jelly fish, i thought they were poisonous though, but in fact only a small minority of them are. Most are just harmless, talk about getting close to nature. What a pleasant surprise

Sometimes its really intriguing that people pay huge prices for seaview condos when most rural villages wake up to it every morning. Yeah the comparison is kind of off, but you get the point of it.

There was only about 5 tables occupied on a monday afternoon.

OK main point! The food, everything we had done would count for nothing if the food isn't worthy of the trip here.

First up baby kailan, my must call vegetable. Crunchy and garlicky, the sauce base is quite thick. Very flavourful but not too oily for the health conscious 

I read online that the mee goreng was good, if not most of the time we would have gotten the hor fun instead. This dish is sum  into one word. overwhelming! in term of oil!, seriously the remaining oil could easily be used to fry another plate. It kind of freaked me out, i actually had to tilt it up so that all the excess chili oil would flow to the other end. I decided not to take any picture of it as it would 'spoil' the 'good' look of it now.

Just remember to remind them LESS OIL LESS OIL!

Aha, what is a seafood lunch without any seafood? We only had 2 pax today so really couldn't go all the way with the menu. Note: they do not have salted egg.

So we ended up with butter prawns. Oh man, the freshness is heavenly. I don't know how the chef score with this dish of the outer coat being so crispy and yet the flesh of the prawns is comparable to those freshly steamed prawns.

This dish was also fried with bitter gourd that wasn't bitter, thankfully. But i personally find the butter taste to be of lower grade as there was a very strong buttery smell. 

Now now guess what is that? 

Crab Roe 

Whoa, isn't that messy. As this is a Muslim restaurant, you can expect the flavoring to be on the heavy side as Malays prefer their food thick and strong. Note: Think mee robus, mee siam, mee soto.

There must be a fetish with salted egg that i have, i just find that if all seafood was done salted egg style it would taste very nice. Chilli sauce was OK but no buns :*( but freshness is so far second too none.

The chef timing for all this seafood is really good i must say, with such precise skill you can safely order it steamed and i bet the meat would stick to the shell.

Their pond of crabs, slightly smaller to my liking though. But price is affordable, we spend like 60rm here.

Restoran Makanan Laut Yeo Sekeluarga
Persisiran Pantai, Tanjung Adang 81550 Gelang Patah , Johor Bahru
Johor , Malaysia
+607 507 1897

N 01 20.915
E103 34.211

A close up shot of the jelly fish on the way out. Heading to Jusco Bukit Indah for the Waffle i missed the other time!

Catch it here 

------->        Best of A&W

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