Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kiseki Restaurant, Japanese buffet with a punch.

We braved though one of the heaviest rain in orchard for it (Thank god there wasnt any flood)

It was really a case of jacks place or kiseki but once we walked through the selection there was no looking back. Counter staff was courteous and friendly, we managed to get seat within 15mins on a saturday evening which was fairly decent considering that this is a buffet.

Buffet prices are always rising and it is harder to find decent buffet with decent prices, if you could spend $40 for a international buffet why would you settle for just a single country crusine? and in this case just japanese food?

Well Kiseki tells you why

Buffet reviews are a pain in the ass.. Firstly you have more than 50 selections of food, and most of time you will be starving before heading down. So in between juggling my camera, eating and shaky hands due to hunger i will allow this post to be more of a eye candy rather than lengthy taste discussion.

My absolute favourite, swordfish.. Salmon and tako are just too common in buffets that they kind of lost that exclusive food touch.

Cold frim and tasty prawns together with crab legs! Yummy and juicy!

Some random tori Q stuff, only peeves were that it wasnt as hot as we preferred it to be. 

The WOW dish of the night, you cant go wrong with scallops + cheese + mayo sauce. Excellant dish that not only awaken your palette and the sweetness makes it a must have for any person with a sweet tooth

Just a nice prawn dressing with cucumber. 

There is actually different kind of way to cook the dishes here, either grilled or teppanyaki style. The grill sotong was good and tasty, with a hint of charred bbq taste.

Grilled beef fillet.. Hmmmmm what can i say :D

A wide array of fried stuff 

Garlic rice was prepared on the spot and placed in a cooker. Avoid if rice has been in the cooker for sometime as it tend to dry up, try to keep note when the chef is frying it on the teppanyaki grill. Get it fresh or dont get it at all .

On the spot prepared pasta, didnt really had much as try to stay away from heavy stuff like this and rice.

Rice was kinda filling and lack the punch though, sad to say as am a califonia roll fan :(

Cold soba covered in seawood 

Around round of grilled scallops

Somehow i kinda missed a few plates, like the chicken chop and other dishes due to eating and forgetting to take pictures. (my apologies for the incomplete review)

After depleting the cold crab, they brought this killer out.. Lobster! Value is a definite here, throw in helpful and effective service stuff who clear your plates constantly. It made this meal a truly pleasant experience. 

The last promotion i heard they even had oysters! Will definitely return again in the near future.

260 Orchard Road, #B1-01 The Heeren
Kiseki, the MEGA Japanese Buffet at Mini Prices is now in town! With so many items to choose from, you will definitely find something that you like.So join us as a fan to receive news and promotions from Kiseki now!
Company Overview
Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant presents the MEGA Japanese Buffet at Mini Prices!
Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm

For Lunch:
Monday to Friday - $19.80 (Adult) $12.80 (Children)
Saturday, Sunday, Eve & Public Holiday - $26.80 (Adult) $16.80 (Children)

For Dinner:
Monday to Thursday - $29.80 (Adult) $14.80 (Children)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Eve & Public Holiday - $32.80 (Adult) $16.80 (Children)

* Children age 4 - 12 yrs old.
* Service charge and prevailing taxes apply.
We have...
Some 200 displayed picks
Piping-hot dishes prepared ala-minute
Full salad bar
Wide sushi and sashimi selections
Traditional grill with scrumptious seafood and meats
Teppanyaki chef in action
Sinfully gorgeous desserts
Refreshing cold drinks and hot beverages
Call 6736 1216 for reservations.

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