Friday, August 12, 2011

Heavenly Garlicious Dishes @ Mad For Garlic (Suntec)

I am a self proclaim garlic lover and man am i proud to say that i have finally tasted a authentic garlic joint.

Ever since hearing about this place i had always wanted to give it a taste, made a reservation on a lazy saturday noon for lunch. In most dish garlic is like the soul of the dish, its presence is required as much as the standard salt and pepper. It is like durian, either you love it or you hate it.

This 'painting' is actually the menu cover, first thing you will notice about this place is the exquisite design of the place. From the fake garlic ornaments to the empty wine bottle, it was a suitable place for anyone. Comfortable for the family dinner or exclusive for a business meal (Absolutely no garlic breath after the meal) 

Service staff was great too, even though there were waiters around the manager was the one who took the orders. We even had the assistant manager bringing our the food to us, not too sure why it wasnt the waiter. But either way it is great service for customers like us due to prompt service.

First up we had the mushroom risotto with chicken. I only have 1 word for this dish.

First mouthful was full of flavour, the stock of which they use was close to perfection. It was neither too salty or heavy. The correct word would be RICH in flavour, there had no less than 2 different kind of garlic that wasnt strong but flavour strong enough to make you want to look for more.

The chicken itself was good enough to be a main course itself, if i am not wrong they roasted the chicken. It had a flavour that grilling couldnt bring out. Tender and juicy, together they make a perfect match. The lightness of risotto + the tastiness of the best chicken part available.

The rice tasted like pearl rice used in sushi, am not sure but it did felt soft, sticker and was shorter than normal rice. Excellant!

And now i present you, the dish i couldnt finish! This dish is a monster, Its like eating pizzahut stuff crust with a beef steak on top of the toppings. Its flavouring was stronger partly because we are talking about a tenderloin steak + cream sance. Initially i had no idea why they are it garlic hug steak, i thought that it was because of the sauce 'hugging' it. But i was too naive.

Garlic Hug Steak

This is definitely for amateurs eater or calories counters. There no french fries, salad etc just the real deal.

Basically if cows could swim, this is how they will look like. In a sea of cream cheese.

A good steak no matter done what way, should be soft and easy to cut. You can see the meat juice flowing onto the cheese above. I still didnt notice the catch until i was halfway through the dish.

The 'hug' Secret! Minced garlic inside a whole steak! Thats like finding bacon in a cheese sandwich.

If Cream cheese and beef isnt strong enough, i present you more garlic and more garlic. Fully soaked and cooked inside this piece of delicacy. Surprisingly the garlic wasnt strong at all, just a hint of its flavours. 

In the end, i couldnt finish the never ending tower of stuffed garlic and had to dig them all out as it was becoming a case of every mouth too full. 

Nonetheless i whack finished the beef with cream (the cream makes your go for more, very dangerous side dish)

This meal, by far is one more the better places i had been. 
Location- Suntec city 
Pricing- Wine and dine like fine dine but not its price
Food- Fantastic
Service- Attentive and prompt

Definitely a must go! If you are mad for garlic

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