Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top Notch Yong Tau Foo: My Favourite Cafe @ Lucky Plaza

Talk about Lucky plaza and first thing people come to mind is the gather spot for Philippinos shopping heaven with the amount of remittance shops. With their wide array of electronic goods and sporting goods, you would bet that there must be a good eatery somewhere hidden in this gem.

Today i present to you "My favorite cafe" literally my favouirte cafe as this is really the name for the place.

Located quietly on the level 6 (Do take the escalator as the lift comes every 8mins packed to the brim) First timer who didnt know this place would just take it as any other normal yong tau foo stall and head straight to the newly opened foodcourt just beside it.

The first thing you will noticed about this place is the queue, especially during the weekday lunch crowd. You can see all professions ranging from the suits to the kiliney shop t shirt.

The concept is simple yet effective, if you are looking for a hour long lunch break with you colleague or friends please avoid this place. What you do is pick the food, find a seat , eat and get out for the next customer staring at your eating the last meatball in your plate.

Good thing is that no matter which peak hour you are here, you are definitely guaranteed a place. As long as you are ok with sitting next to strangers. 

It is similiar to a dessert stall, chairs are uncomfortable, too close for comfort to you next diner but the appeal of the food makes you return for more.

Look at the abundance of food, specially prepared items are the fried meat balls and mushroom. It is just yummy, the beancurd and fish ball are not your usual run of the mill kind. Standard veggies aren't displayed but When u order your noodles , you are then given an option of kang kong, chye sim or tau gey. A pity due to the snaking crowd behind me and the fast serving auntie taking orders i couldnt get a better and wider shot.  But am sure this sneak preview of this place would do just fine :)

Fresh and quality food certainly comes at a price, this stall charges a slight premium as just 6 items + noodles would set you back close to 5 dollars, add in the drink and you are looking at a sum of 6 bucks for yong tau foo fare.

Another interesting thing is that the boss employs a efficient all-female crew works behind the counter. It is like a fast food service in a hawker stall.

I must admit when first tasting the dry version i was a little overwhelm by the sauce they gave as i expected it to become very sickeningly sweet.

To my surpise this serving of sauce is actually just nice and tasted very fragrant instead of sweet, chilli wise wasnt too hot for it and instead brought out the flavour of all the ingredients.

According to owner Patrick Lim the differences lies in the sweet taste of the ikan bilis-based soup and that the sauces are all homemade. 

Only catch is that noodles serving was a little on the stringy side, as while it didnt really bothered me. A diner behind me complained that the serving was way too little and the service staff immediately gave her another small bowl of noodles. And since we were seated so close, i noticed another male diner beside me paying $8 dollars for his mountain full bowl of goodies + drink.

But if you can live with the higher price, fast paced meal. This place surely wont disappoint you

My Favourite Café
304 Orchard Road
Lucky Plaza #06-46/47
Open 8am to 6pm (closed Sunday)
Nearest MRT: Orchard

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