Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Probably Deal of the Year Manhatten Fish Market $3.90!

It all started with a $39 fish and chip ad that started the uproar.

What fish and chip would cost $39? And by the time we know it, MFM changed it to $3.90. Citizens delight,  sometime the best marketing success comes from small changes like this

No fanciful marketing, no gimmicks just pure good food at a good price to reciprocate the favour. Not to mention it was good to see MFM Actively participating with its facebook fans. With many promotions to keep things interesting.

You may join in the fun and get certain online exclusive deals.

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This queue started forming at 2pm on a weekday noon!

No cutting of corners! The exact same size the fish looks even on a regular pricing. I couldnt believe it when a faction of people were ranting about the paper plate. But Seriously for this kind of pricing i would gladly eat it on a napkin. Hell i would even walk to the kitchen to self serve if need be, or maybe even bring my own plate for such pricing. To be honest, if your food is going to be bigger than your plate, you are having a excellant problem. Instead of fretting over it, celebrate it!

It was a $3.90 limit to 2 fish per person. 

No decoration no plating. Just pure good food for you. I would like to drench the whole fish in the sauce, they actually had a plus size bottle on each of the table. Generous i must say.

Well it was good while it lasted

On a sidenote There is a lot of comparision with fish n co but each to its own, ultimately we as consumers get more choice and end up with better deals. Just like pepsi and coke, yakult and vitagen. 

 930 Yishun Avenue 2, #02-06/07 Northpont Shopping Centre, Singapore
Tel: +65 6257 5507

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