Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pasta de Waraku (The Heeren)

Heeren, once the icon of orchard. Remember the days when i was in secondary school i always come here to see girls with friends. And have coffee + cheese cake with girlfriend at the open air spineilli outlet

The backspace of streetwear were so packed and there were hardly any space to walk

Those were the time when heeren saw the better days.

With orchard bursting with charm from new icons like ION, Somerset 313. Only places with certain heritage could  still retain the crowd like taka, paragon, cineleisure, tangs just to name a few.

Orchard central is still trying to pull in crowds at this time.

With the departure of HMV and other anchor tenants, the Heeren of today is seemingly different. If you are sick of dinner crowd queues, head over to heeren as the restaurant offer some tranquility from the bursting orchard road.

And so we did.

Now that is something different from the usual salt and pepper, the meal here is seemingly not as salty and spicy as other food outlet. Perhaps to entice you to manually season your food.

Mushroom and scallop Fried rice

Mushroom and scallop Fried rice

When i took the first mouth i was not really a fan of it, perhaps thats the beauty of mushroom. First taste dont leave a impression. It is usually the aftertaste that makes you want to have another mouthful of it, no suprise that the japanese pearl rice makes it especially tasty. 

Mixed Grill

This dish when brought to me was sizzling hot. Man i couldnt wait to sink my teeth in the beef patty.

The only issue i had with this dish was that the chicken skin being dry and facing me was kind of a turn off, chicken also felt old, dry and just not fresh. There was a kind of old chicken smell in it, just look at the sickly and pale chicken in the picture.

Other than that the egg was one of the best i had eaten. It could be that the juiciness from assorted meat became a natural flavouring for the sunny side up egg.

Sauage was 'OK' la. But if i was going to order this dish again it will be because of the beef patty (forgot to ask if i could choose how it is done)

But in the end, it didnt matter. The taste was good enough to be a star for a burger. Juicy and flavourful, if you were to use it as a burger i am definately going to be a fan of it

The potato wedges were kind of bland too, but was too hungry and troublesome to add the salt 

In a episode i had mention about how some japanese resturant are a rip off when it comes to soft shell crab. In waraku i have found the haven for soft shell crab. This whole patter added up to like $12? i forgot how much it cost but it is really worthy dollar to dollar.

Taste wise it is basically just fried stuff and decent tasting starter. But what you get instead is value! But the amount of soft shell crab they dish out is really generous as compared to other places. I would prefer crispier soft shell crab though, lets see if i can get it the next time i dine there.

There was an assortment of curly fries, onion ring and waffle fries. This would work fine for the health concious diners but if you are a heavy taste person i am sure you will be busy shaking salt on this 'healthier' serving of sides. Just a tad lacking in season, it was leaning towards the blander side.

If you were to ask me, i am not sure if it is because the layout of the space made noise pollution an issue.

Yes you are seeing right, noise pollution. The back of the restaurant ends in a pocket like area, and the diners who were there talked loudly and someone it echoed it towards the whole place. It was just really noisy and really not a place you would want if you were dining with your date. 

Other than that, if you are looking for a chillout dinner with your gang of friends, this would be the place :)

Address: 260 Orchard Road, #05-04 The Heeren, Singapore
Tel: +65 6834 1123
  • Opening Hours: 11.30am – 11.00pm

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