Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Its BBQ Chicken 1 for 1!!!!

I must admit, i am a sucker for 1 for 1 deals just the other 5233943 people in Singapore.

So when we stumbled across BBQ chicken 1 for 1 deal at northpoint how could i say NO? (Sorry teppanyaki express we were actually there for you)

Firstly i must say, this place serve some good chicken and the olive oil marketing makes you feel less sinful after devouring everything infront of you. What it does is gives you a sense of lesser guilt so you may eat more.

YES OLIVE OIL IS HEALTHY, dont that make you feel that you are eating a meal your doctor will applaud you for effort?

Haha but we like it.

This meal was really a pain in a butt, i wanted everything. The pizza as a side dish looks good but my bff and me was so hungry we wanted all the dishes for ourselves. (in food you see your real friend colour)

I just wanted to whack the seafood pasta and the BBQ chicken, but the Marinara meatball was kind of tough to pass out. So was the mushroom chicken steak and everything else on the menu................

Truth be told, this is a korean food joint. But there is nothing korean about this place when i was here other than some cheesy korean MTV playing above.

The first thing i noticed, isnt this like 50% share of the food only?? When i saw the menu for the 1 for 1 choices it was supposed 2 chicken steaks.

Not that i wanted to sound like a cheapo but if you brought Mcdonald 's1 for 1 gourmet burger the other time when they had a promotion, you wouldn't expect to see half a chicken patty inside the buns right?

Anyway away from the misrepresentation, BBQ chicken marination is the best in its field. I am not sure how they make their chicken so firm and chewy.

This well was just 'normal' meatball tasted homemade too, not a bad thing but will definitely try the seafood pasta next time.

End result.. None was spared. We will be back

CATCH it before it ends

NorthPoint930 Yishun Avenue 2,#B2-17/20,Singapore 769098 
Tel: 6481 3310 Fax : 6481 7780
                                                                            Operation HoursDaily 11am - 10:30pm
(Last Order 10:15pm)

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