Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Art Of Beef Brisket Noodles @ Balestier Food Center

I must admit i am not a big fan of beef noodles, the only beef noodles i can remember eating was the peppery beef hor fun at Geylang. And that was very good.

I was in the area for some projects and heard from friends that there is a very nice beef noodles over here. 

One interesting point was that there isnt a signboard for the beef noodles here, other than No signboard restaurant i can hardly remember any place without a signboard other than foodcourt eateries.

This plate of beef hor fun looks really tempting, it was nice to see that the beef was chunks of it. Rather than slices which would be very sad if it was.

The gravy was just nice, it is very smooth and delicious. The heavy sauce blended perfectly with the hor fun noodles. I cant remember when was the last time 2 ingredients could blend so perfectly together. That is the beauty of eating, there is no limit to the taste of any food.

A stalk or 2 of vegetable to add that freshness into a otherwise heavy dish. I finished everything of it man, and not even the hot weather or super expensive coffee @ $1.50 could spoil this lunch of mine.

Soup tasted a mix of cow stuff that i didnt know, but was a 'good' bowl of soup as compared to a bowl of noodles.

Balestier Food Center

beef brisket noodles

Apologies for not having more information, i was expecting a 'normal' lunch

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  1. Hey there. I used to enjoy the Beef Noodles here too but they have moved somewhere else. Do you happen to know where they are now? Thanks


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