Thursday, January 27, 2011

The CNY Seasonal Food "Bak Gua"

Seasonal in the sense that no one really queue and buy when they are going at $35-$38 per KG but rather when there is a long queue and going at $45 and rising as CNY looms nearer.

Just a quick tip, if you are at the popular Bak Gua shop, namely the infamous Lim Chee Guan and the clementi one (Cant seem to recall the name at the moment but do drop me a note if you know which one i am talking about, the one facing POSB. 财好 is it?) and happen to see that there isnt any queue, thats because it has sold out and not because you got lucky  :(

Anyway to cut story short i have to get some bak gua for the mother in law and so we decided to get one which came highly recommended from my father in law.

Was the first time trying it and from the recommendation just know that it is a very old brand, i brought 3 packet of 500G to try it out and as gift.

1 packet for my own consumption :)


Say hello to the pork oil :D

Ta ta! The meat, ok i admit the pictures doesnt really compliment it as i only opened it a 2 days later after buying, should i have opened it earlier there was no chance it will last till the new year.

Top part slices was kinda shredded to my liking, remember those time when you just wanted a quick bite but not the whole piece? that was why bee cheng hiang came up with those little bite size vacuumed pack.

First bite tasted slightly dry, but after chewing for a while the flavour started coming out. Was not too sweet as compared to others where after one piece the side of your tongue start to feel the overdose of sweetness.
This bak gua is light but flavorful, i couldnt stop tearing of the sides as smaller size makes your feel like eating more?

Usually sliced bak gua are known to be hard and elderly teeth unfriendly, but this sliced pork didnt need much of a effort to consume. I heard stories of how big bak gua company deep fry in their factory before bring out to store to BBQ in front of customers, but eating this i could really feel that it is 100% BBQ.

Overall softness still below Lim Chee Guan which is my number 1 but definitely not too far behind, my first and most definite not last time eating this charred gem.

China Town Branch
233 New Bridge Road.
Tel: 6440 7817 
Fax: 6440 7900

Changi Branch
306 Changi Road,
Tel: 6440 7817 
Fax: 6440 7900

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  1. Lim Chee Guan Singapore's queue is just crazy every year. But not much of a choice. Just have to queue cos they make the best bak kwa in town.


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