Monday, January 31, 2011

Peach Garden @ 33 Lunar New Year Special 2011 发发发

An overdue reunion dinner, to much of my excitement and anticipation. 18 family members at sharing a meal, that is something we dont do very often.

Was glad to hear that this year dinner will be held @ the peach garden, the last time i tried their food @ Thomson plaza the bean curd with spinach gave me an orgasm.

Never been to OCBC building before and not too bad for a meal with a view, had the luxury of seeing both day and night view as we started the meal before 7 and ended around 930pm. Thinking back that was quite a long dinner. Usually only buffet takes more than 2 hours.

First up was the sharkfin soup, i am strongly against shark fin soup. The fins are basically tasteless and the crab meat actually taste better. Do try to choose something else rather than shark fin.

There is something with the freshness of Peach Garden fishes! We had the Lo Hei with salmon at the start of the dinner and i totally forgot to take a shot of it! My apologies.
The lo hei was decent, nothing really to shout about but the salmon was really really very good. The freshness was the first thing that stood out even when all those sauces. Same thing with this fish dish, the meat was so juicy and firm it actually had a spring like effect Q! Usually i am not a fish skin person but for this i totally wipe this dish clean. 

Satueed mushroom prawn, man i love prawns. This was the first time i was having a dish like this, peach garden never fail to surprise with new and innovative dishes. The only time you eat a prawn with bread is unless it is bread crumbs or its a sandwich prawn mayo. But with MANTOU? That is kind off unheard off.
The prawn and mantou was supposed to be eaten together but it was so tempting i thought of just having the prawn first. Bad move, this small prawn was spicy and salty on its own, the dish meant for it to have the mantou neutral the taste of the heavy seasoning. Once you put it together, it balanced out and supplyment the taste perfectly, you get the spicyness and saltyness of the prawn with the sweet and pleasant taste of the mantou

Vegetable of the night, a fat succulent mushroom scallop and preserved mussl wrapped in beancurd skin ladled with a thick broth. Every item in this gem was just enough for a single taste, scallop was nice and chewy. The mushroom totally got the flavour of the broth and it was very smooth and yummy, but i personally didnt really like the preserved mussel. It was kind of dry and salty in the middle, would had prefer it if it was fresh. And to think that the main ingredient of this dish was the mussel, a dish where the side dishes out taste the main.

Fried and crispy chicken with salt.
P.s go easy with the salt powder, i dipped too much and it salted the whole first mouth. Numbing my tongue in the process.
But soon was enjoing the crispyness of the skin and easy to peel chicken, juicy as it should. 

To be honest i dont really eat lak cheong (dried sausage ) nor glutenous rice, so not much to comment with regards to this dish.

First time sitting in a table for 18 pax, room certainly was spacious and all dishes divided and served which made the experience even better. Certainty a place for celebrations or entertainment. 

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