Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crystal Jade Bo Luo Pineapple Tarts

After reading a raving review from The newpaper  regarding Crystal jade pineapple tarts my mind could not stop thinking about it. 

Went over to AMK Hub and luckily they still had stock (Papers state that it was going to be to get if you haven book???)

Anyway enough said, brought a 8 piece petite box and sat down at their cafe outlet to try

This 8 mini golden tarts cost me $8.50, you could actually buy the nicer packaging for gift. Couldnt really remember the pricing but was definitely a better deal, i was more interested in trying out rather than deciding on gifts.

I always believe that the best way to really enjoy the tart was to eat it wholly so you can lock in the flavourfrom all direction without being too sweat on any sides, but this golden tart is surely bigger than it looks

This Yummy Chinese version of the tarts done up in the style of Hong Kong Bo Luo buns, with crispy top. The mini bun's crust is buttery and the pineapple filling smooth. I have always been a fan of their Bo luo buns as this is the closest you can get to something authentic in Hongkong.

Took a bite from it and the trademark sweetness of the crust started filling up your mouth, pastry wise was firm. Didnt crumble too fast as normal homemade tarts would, pineapple filling wise was decent. Nothing too much to my liking, i belong to the group who prefer my tarts to be richer than the fillings, too sweet to my liking.

Overall taste wise is good, adds a new twist of sweet crust to a buttery and firm tart.

Combining the trademark of the Bo Luo bun to our traditional peoples favourite Chinese new year goodie .

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